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Chinese brand gets international media boost

Chinese brand gets international media boost

SE10 recently helped Chinese equipment manufacturer SDLG by managing an international press visit to the company's factories in Linyi.

SE10 recently organized an editorial tour for leading international, Middle Eastern and African trade magazine editors to visit the factory of SDLG, a leading Chinese construction equipment manufacturer. The aim of the trip was to establish a firm understanding of the brand, its philosophy and culture, and to highlight the quality and professionalism of the company.

The event was handled from start to finish by SE10's senior account executive Oliver Halls, based in London, and Singapore-based account executive Dion Tang. Together, they were responsible for the overall messaging of the tour, media preparation, press kits, as well as relationship-building with senior SDLG management.

On Day 1, the journalists, accompanied by Oliver and Dion, arrived on-site at SDLG's headquarters in the second-tier city of Linyi, China. Here they received a corporate presentation, with time at the end for questions and answers. The group then visited the wheel loader and excavator assembly plants and learned about the advanced manufacturing process of SDLG machines. The factory tour was followed by a visit to one of SDLG's customers in the region, Yizhou Cements Co., where the group received first-hand information about the customer's user experience. SE10 provided translation and interpretation throughout.

Laying down strong foundations

Following their visit, the journalists all said that they enjoyed and valued their time visiting SDLG. "It was a very worthwhile and interesting trip, which will lead to an excellent feature," commented one of the journalists. "It has also aided long-term understanding of SDLG's future plans, which will assist with ongoing reporting of the company in our magazines."

The trip was judged a success and resulted in a number of positive articles from the invited media. Not only that, but strong relationships were formed with the journalists, which is expected to lead to further coverage in the future.

SE10 has been working with SDLG (Shandong Lingong Construction Machinery Company Limited) for almost a decade. Starting with a clean slate, SE10 has created fact sheets, corporate profiles, style guides and more, all aligned with the newly developed messaging. The agency has also helped the brand's introduction into several new markets, including North America. Today, SE10's winning combination of well-written, engaging copy and professional photography has led to coverage in some of the world's leading business and trade titles.

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