How SE10 pitches the national media

How SE10 pitches the national media

The bar for national coverage is much higher than trade news. Company news is not enough. In today’s dizzying media landscape, we must package the story to leap over the ‘news bar’.

With several years of national media experience as journalists, we apply the same scrutiny, standards and contextual thinking as when we wrote stories for outlets such as BusinessWeek, Fast Company, Time Magazine and more.

It’s all in the packaging and presentation. We giftwrap the story. Nothing happens in a vacuum. It’s important to present a company as part of an informational ecosystem.

We create a ‘budget’ pitch, which is essentially a summary of a larger story, and use it work the phones and emails when communicating with journalists. (To be clear: this is the pitch. Not the press release.)

We take company news, thought leadership or innovation and package it with:

·         National trends

·         Historical context

·         The political or environmental backdrop, if pertinent

·         We’re honest about the challenges and how our clients plan to overcome them

·         We leverage the knowledge of third-party experts and analysts where possible

We create tension:

·         Problem and solution

·         Before and after

·         Cause and effect

And provide evidence.

If SE10 has created a compelling pitch, the journalist should be able to see the story develop in front of them. The trends are there, the context is there, the challenges are there, the tension is there.

Now it’s up to the journalists to verify and report, and then to put their own angles on the story. We supply press releases, access to the company for interviews and the contact information of third-party experts.

We measure success in various ways. While event attendance is great, for example, coverage of the event is better. If journalists don’t run a story – perhaps bigger news has supplanted the story that day or they want to roll the knowledge into a future, larger trend story – we count our work ‘on background’ as success.

Familiarizing a journalist with the company’s story is itself success, as we sow seeds for the future harvest.


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