Injecting new life into exhibitions communications

Ascential is an international business-to-business events and trade exhibitions organiser, working across the fashion, healthcare, financial, education, environment and industrial sectors. SE10 runs the press office for its Coil Winding, Insulation & Electrical Manufacturing Exhibition (CWIEME) series in four locations around the world.


Having acquired the CWIEME brand in 2012, Ascential embarked on a major relaunch of the existing shows in Chicago, Berlin and Shanghai – but gained little traction with the international electrical engineering press. The company engaged SE10 in early 2014 to deliver a new communication strategy, supported by compelling content, that would achieve more media coverage and change perceptions of CWIEME as more than ‘just a trade show’ but a place to network and stay abreast of the latest technical advances and market trends – driving both exhibitor sales and visitor registrations.


Placing other brands at the centre of your own communications campaign may seem counterintuitive but can work wonders for events organisers. After all, a trade show or conference is nothing without its exhibitors and speakers. SE10’s new strategy for the CWIEME brand aimed to shift the focus from the shows per se to the industry trends, market conditions, technical breakthroughs, and major product launches being discussed on site – positioning CWIEME as the ultimate industry forum. The variety and genuine usefulness of the content – produced in collaboration with major industry players – has significantly helped to pique and maintain the interest of the electrical engineering press and public.

SE10 approached Ascential’s brief as former journalists with first-hand experience of the increasing time-pressures and decreasing resources facing many news outlets today. Instead of traditional press releases, SE10’s writers produced ready-made articles that could be immediately published in a magazine with minimal or no editing – to the benefit of a now loyal group of engineering journalists on three continents. SE10’s brand journalism/content marketing approach also enabled the same text to be published on the show websites (and shared on social media), and sent to visitors and exhibitors in marketing newsletters – helping Ascential get even more value from its investment.