Supporting a brand rollout

Founded in 2014 but with a history that can be traced back to 1934, oil and gas company KOP Surface Products needed help in defining and communicating its newly independent status while reinforcing its manufacturing heritage and industry experience.


KOP Surface Products is a leading equipment supplier to the oil and gas industries, producing surface wellheads, trees, valves, actuators and more. The company was created following a corporate restructuring. While benefiting from an existing customer base and proven product line, the new company faced the challenge of positioning itself as a stand-alone business and establishing its own set of values and messages.

Given this situation, the company approached SE10 to help build greater awareness of KOP Surface Products’ manufacturing and service capabilities, and to boost overall awareness of the brand name in the market. To make the task harder, however, this work had to take place in the shadow of a depressed oil and gas market, resulting in restricted budgets. Nonetheless, SE10 was able to work within these tight constraints to help KOP Surface Products shape its story and roll out a series of marketing communications.


As KOP Surface Products was an emerging brand, much of SE10’s early work was in defining the company’s key messages and the language that should be used in its communications. With this as the foundation, SE10 then set about creating a new website for the company, to be used as its central marketing platform. With a new look and clearly-defined messages, this new website would then act as a basis for all future marketing materials. Applying consistency of look and language across the collateral has helped shape the brand more clearly in the eyes of the industry.

In addition to the website, SE10 has provided a variety of marketing communications to KOP Surface Products including brochures, customer newsletters and trade show materials. We also helped with several PR projects too, as the company looks to build its brand in industry circles. With a website that is showing a steady visitor growth, and a suite of materials to support business growth, KOP Surface Products is now well-placed to develop its business as a standalone entity.