Engaging both local and national audience for non-profit organization

National Main Street Center Inc. (NMSC) is a leading non-profit organization in the United States that has been helping revitalize historic commercial districts since 1980. Subsidiary of the National Trust for Historic Preservation, it has a network of more than 1,600 neighborhoods and communities, rural and urban, that share a commitment to building stronger communities through preservation-based economic development. In 2016, the Main Street America communities reinvested $5.75 billion from public and private sources, according to data compiled by the Center.


As part of the Main Street Now 2017 convention, NMSC needed support to create content and obtain media coverage about the 2017 Great American Main Street Awards (GAMSA), which recognize best Main Street practices across the U.S.

To share winners’ stories, SE10 developed target media lists with extensive research and drafted informative and engaging press releases focusing on how Main Street approaches impacted local economy and civic engagement. The stories, including print and broadcast exclusives, were featured by several local press. On the national level, SE10 pitched the news as “evergreen” stories, positioning the winning communities as “must visit” places where travelers could discover America’s true civic characters. SE10 also leveraged the multimedia content provided by NMSC to further attract reporters of online and broadcast media.


During the client research, SE10 realized that many people fail to understand the Main Streets’ efforts in local development are contributing to the growth of the national economy. The 2016 economic research released by NMSC during the annual convention in Pittsburgh revealed that Main Streets played a crucial role in the reinvestment sector. Aware of the newsworthiness, SE10 targeted major business publications, emphasizing the economic importance of Main Street approaches. Because of the effective messaging, the press release was featured on leading business publications including Yahoo!Finance and MarketWatch.