SDLG, A Volvo Brand

Founded in 1972, Shandong Lingong Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. (often known simply as Lingong) is one of China’s leading manufacturers of construction equipment, which it produces under the SDLG brand.


As a newly acquired brand of Volvo Construction Equipment, SDLG began a rollout across North America and needed the legitimacy gained from press coverage from key trade publications in its industry. Not only was the brand a new manufacturer for the region and facing a downturned economy, SDLG was also based in China and needed to overcome potential negative perceptions of Chinese-made goods, which typically were met with skepticism in the industry.


SE10 began a holistic campaign for SDLG that focused on strong messaging for the brand. SE10 leveraged its relationships with the press and took the company’s leadership on editorial tours to meet with editors from key industry publications and explain the brand’s value proposition and philosophy in person, gaining quick first-hand exposure. SE10 also began a program of press releases that highlighted the company’s products being successfully used by new customers in a variety of applications, establishing legitimacy across several sectors. These materials were then used to train and inform new dealers and salespersons, helping the new brand to gain buy-in from its new employees.


Following editorial tours, and a program of press releases and follow-up support, SDLG appeared on four magazine cover stories during its first year in North America. The magazines included key industry publications, such as Engineering News Record and Equipment Today. The brand quickly gained legitimacy in North America, and because of the focus on strong messaging, SDLG was able to clearly convey its value proposition and market niche, which was then reflected in the brand’s press coverage. A focus on quality, value and positive user testimonials helped dispel the stigma surrounding Chinese-made equipment.