Developing a European-wide email marketing initiative

The European Commission is the politically independent executive body of the European Union (EU). Employing around 24,000 people, it is an institution that represents and upholds the interests of the EU by proposing legislation, implementing decisions and distributing funding.


Among its many activities, the European Commission promotes the undertaking of research among small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs), which it sees as a tool to increase innovation and competitiveness in Europe. The Commission engaged SE10 for help communicating to SMEs the many opportunities and benefits that EU-funded research can bring.


Together with the SME Unit of the European Commission, SE10 developed SME Update, a regular e-newsletter bringing together the latest funding availabilities, research-based success stories, policy updates, events, and points of view for SMEs around the EU. The lead article of each issue consisted of an interview with a prominent figure from the Commission answering questions relating to the needs of SMEs in Europe.

SE10 worked closely with key members of the SME Unit to establish the theme, topics and interviewees for each issue. Then it was up to SE10’s copywriters and graphic designers to research, write, commission translations and assemble the content in an attractive email format, ready for the SME Unit to distribute to its database. The result was an appealing and engaging newsletter with a high email open rate and click through rate – its informative and easily-digestible content empowering small businesses to embrace the opportunities of EU-funded research.