Creating and managing a portfolio of eye-catching advertising artwork

One of the world's most experienced pump manufacturers, Tsurumi Pump, produces more than 250 different models of pump used in contractor, sewage and industrial applications around the world. A Japanese company founded in 1924, SE10 handles Tsurumi’s corporate communications and media buying in Europe.


To further strengthen market share in Europe, Tsurumi’s marketing team wished to expand on its existing communications activities with SE10 to encompass a region-wide advertising campaign. The brief was to create and design a series of eye-catching and memorable print advertisements that would leap off the page at Tsurumi’s potential customers, overshadowing those of its competitors. Tsurumi also asked SE10 to negotiate with trade magazines’ sales representatives to allocate the print advertising budget as effectively as possible.


SE10’s strategists, copywriters and graphic designers worked closely with Tsurumi’s marketing team to determine a theme for each advert – whether the company’s long history of excellence, or the power, durability or versatility of its pumps – and develop concepts that would make magazine readers look twice. Meanwhile, SE10 carried out an analysis of trade publications in Tsurumi’s target sectors – their circulation figures, reader profiles, and editorial calendars – to define a list of titles that would hold the greatest advertising value for the company. Then, using its existing relationships with these magazines – as well as its agency negotiating power – SE10 secured discounted rates, together with inclusion for any press releases or article submissions, in pertinent issues throughout the year. SE10 also managed the artwork submission and magazine invoicing process.

The result was increased exposure for the Tsurumi brand and the pumps’ main selling points in the most effective and cost-efficient way possible. The humorous designs – in stark comparison to Tsurumi’s competitors’ often dry and old-fashioned artwork – were especially appreciated by magazine editors and production staff, who frequently remarked on their striking and refreshing qualities.