The automotive and transport sectors are innovating at a remarkable pace in a bid to improve safety, fuel consumption and emissions – not to mention driver and passenger comfort. SE10 works with clients in these sectors – primarily vehicle component and OEMs – to help cut though the noise and make their individual brand characteristics and benefits shine.

Recently we’ve reported on the launch of the world’s first entirely electric bus route in Sweden, and the development of rare-earth free motors for use in hybrid and electric cars, as well as penning a successful product design award entry for a major commercial truck manufacturer.

Our efforts have earned our clients valuable coverage in trusted automotive engineering and transport magazines and online news portals from around the world, such as EETE Automotive, Today’s Motor Vehicles, AutoVolt, Transport Engineer, and ITS International.

Previous team experience includes public relations for the Mazda dealer network, and automotive website developer GForces, as well as the international launch of a new Chinese car manufacturer, Qoros.

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