SE10 feels very much at home in the factory, having served a broad range of industrial and manufacturing clients throughout its history. Years of experience have enabled us to develop an in-depth understanding of manufacturing processes and the broader environment in which industrial facilities operate – not to mention an impressive portfolio of media contacts.

Our technically-minded staff have a fascination with the way things are made and aren’t afraid to get their hard hats and protective gear on. Their curiosity and ability to translate complex processes and their benefits for often non-expert audiences in a simple and engaging way are what sets SE10 apart.

When supporting an industrial client’s internal communications department –such as with Rolls-Royce in Singapore, China and India – we relish the challenge of connecting with often hard-to-reach production and warehouse employees, empowering and encouraging them to see the bigger picture and work to their full potential.

Externally, we take pride in accompanying media and other stakeholders to the opening of a new facility or on a tour of the production line, ensuring all employees they meet are primed for questions. At the same time we strive to ensure a steady stream of media coverage that helps boost understanding and recognition of products and achievements, while fostering and maintaining a strong corporate reputation.