In the world of waste management and recycling, efficiency and environmental care are the name of the game. SE10 works with clients in this sector – primarily suppliers of equipment and technology for the handling and processing of solid waste and waste water – to communicate these key messages to an audience of customers, investors and the general public.

Recently we’ve reported on the European Commission’s Clean Sky project, in which one client has developed an economically and environmentally sustainable technology for recycling previously ‘unrecyclable’ carbon fibre aircraft components, the launch of The Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s Circular Economy 100 platform, and the installation of the world’s first electrodynamic slag processing unit aimed at dramatically reducing the volume of residue from incinerators that is buried in landfill sites.

These stories and more – developed in cooperation with clients’ corporate communications and marketing functions – have achieved notable coverage in many waste management and recycling magazines and online news portals around the globe, including Recycling and Waste World, Recycling Today, Recycling International, Water & Wastewater Treatment, and Pollution Solutions.

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