Images are universal. They can be understood through time and across different languages and cultures with no learning required. As such their impact is immediate and often emotional. Images can quickly help us to understand otherwise complex or difficult information while simultaneously capturing our imagination. And just like smell, sight is strongly linked to memory. This makes images a vital part of any PR campaign – not to mention a company’s corporate branding.

SE10’s in-house design team works side-by-side with account managers to develop a wide range of graphic materials, all integrated with our other services. This way we ensure the imagery, tone and information are delivered correctly and consistently across all platforms.

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Behind the scenes

Picture perfect: The importance of photography in public relations?

There’s nothing like a good photo – really, there is nothing like a good photo. Scan through any magazine, newspaper, website, Twitter, Tumblr or Facebook feed and what do you see? Photo after photo after photo.

Living in London: A designer's perspective

London has always fascinated me – especially its unique mix of old and new. I could enjoy the sights when crossing the Thames on the bus for hours. Even the SE10 office has a stunning view – of historical St. Paul’s Cathedral juxtaposed with the ultramodern skyscrapers of the city – that still takes my breath away every time I look out the windows.

Three ways to make your graphic design work harder

Graphic design is a vital part of any PR campaign – even in the comparatively traditional sphere of industrial B2B communications. But just as it has the potential to wow your audience, it also has the power to confuse or detract from the overall message. Here’s how to get it right.