SE10’s core competency is creating compelling content, which is realized equally as well in a 140-character tweet as it is in a 1,000-word magazine article. We work with clients’ corporate communications and marketing departments to develop a fully-integrated social media strategy, backed by timely, relevant and interesting content that audiences want to discuss and share.

But success in social media is about more than simply ‘pumping out content’ in a race to gather likes and followers. Rather it’s about encouraging a loyal community to form around your brand – through a strong reputation and meaningful interactions – that will help support business goals.

This community may consist of customers and other external stakeholders on social media sites, such as LinkedIn, YouTube, or Instagram, or employees on Yammer, Jive or your own enterprise social network. Thanks to our wide experience with corporate and marketing communications we know how to drive engagement from all these different groups.

Whatever the audience and channel, social media also offers a valuable opportunity to listen to stakeholders and gauge their sentiment, and use this insight to inform business decisions on various matters – from routine processes and customer service, to branding and product design. We help clients use social media to better understand their audiences to competitive advantage.

Social media is widely-held as the most dynamic and powerful platform for brands to connect directly with stakeholders in today’s increasingly digital world. As such it can also appear daunting and overwhelming – but it doesn’t have to be. Let us help you take control.

Behind the scenes

Does your comms team live-tweet at events?

In recent years the role of the PR consultant on-site at events has expanded to include relationship building in the digital world as well as in person. Live-tweeting at exhibitions, conferences or product launches creates a buzz among those present and at home, as audiences no longer have to wait for news to break, presentations to be published online or to meet up with friends and colleagues in order to enter into wider discussions surrounding the event. 

Which is the best social media channel for B2B?

We all know how important it is for companies to take advantage of social media. The internet culture provides brands an opportunity to directly interact with their customers, something that has been hard to achieve on a large scale in the past. 

Heavy equipment online - it's good to be social

It’s hard to remember a time when the internet didn’t do everything. Got a question? Google it. Need groceries? Order them. Want to chat to your long-lost cousin on the other side of the globe? Skype them. I think we can safely say the internet has caught on. And we are not passive players in this drama. The growing power of social networking and unlimited, user-led content creation is transforming the way we communicate.