In a competitive market a business’s most valuable asset is not its products, processes or technology, but its employees. And keeping these employees informed and motivated is essential to business performance. Companies that facilitate a regular flow of information between leaders, managers and employees engender a positive and collaborative culture, achieving productivity and profitability rates 70% higher than their peers and creating nearly 50% more shareholder returns.

But it’s not a simple case of passing messages along. In order for internal communication – also known as employee communication – to bring about the right beliefs and behaviours from employees it needs to appeal to them as thinking, feeling individuals – and that requires careful consideration.

With this in mind SE10 has been working with clients’ corporate communications and human resources departments for more than a decade to research, develop and deliver internal communications strategies that promote a high level of employee engagement. Employees understand and agree with the direction their company is heading, how they can contribute and feel motivated to give of their best.

Behind the scenes

Why do we need good internal communications?

At a business finance level, there is a correlation between well-informed employees and company profitabilty. But even at a personal level, employees place great importance on being 'kept in the know'. 

Tactics for communicating with manufacturing staff

Email and the company intranet are often the first channels that internal communicators turn to. These are powerful tools for conveying up-to-the-minute information and gathering instant feedback, as well as discussing more complex rationale. Yet they may only reach a relatively small proportion of a company’s workforce.

Getting to the heart of internal comms

When we communicate internally, it’s not because we want staff to be aware of something for the sake of it. We want them to act – whether to adopt a new way of working or contribute to a specific business goal.